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Exhaust Coatings

Coating your extractors, headers or manifolds with HPC's fully Australian Made Ceramic Exhaust Coatings, will not only make them look fantastic and help them last longer, the under hood heat reduction and performance gains that you will see will be significant. 

Engine Coatings

By applying HPC's Ceramic Engine Coatings to piston crowns & skirts, chambers, valves and valves springs you are helping your engine run cooler, smoother and maintain more power in the chamber where you need it most.

Appearance Coatings

First impressions are paramount, so why waste time and money on something that won't last.  HPC's Appearance coatings are more durable and can handle twice the heat of enamel paints and powder coatings and offers excellent resistance to scratching, chipping and chemicals.

Industrial Coatings

 From gigantic Exhaust Turbines used on off shore oil platforms or saucepans you have at home in your kitchen, HPC has a coating for just about any application. With more than 20 years experience at not only making our own coatings but also applying them, you are guaranteed to get what you want not just the first time, but every time. 


HPC is proudly Australian owned and specialise in high performance ceramic coatings. 

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HPC High Performance Coatings

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